Sales Policy

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Mercy's Edge Farm reserves the right to retain any kid from any breeding.

All breeding/show quality goats will be registered with ADGA.

Buck pricing starts at $300.00 and up depending upon pedigree and quality of the buck. Wethers are $125.00.

Doe pricing starts at $300.00 and up depending upon pedigree and quality of the doe.

Goats are herd animals and need a companion goat for heath and happiness. We will not sell a goat by itself to a home that does not have a companion goat at home. 

When purchasing a kid or adult goat we require a deposit of $100.00 for bucks and $100.00 for does. Until we receive the deposit the goat will still remain available for sale. Please do not make any deposits until I have spoken with you and confirmed the sale.  Deposits are Non-Refundable.  Payment methods accepted are cash or Paypal ( if using Paypal please include additional Paypal fees in your payment). All goats must be paid in full before leaving the farm. Any additional charges including shipping costs, health certificates, and shipping crates are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Sales are on a first come first serve basis unless prior reservations are made.

All of our goats are healthy and thriving when they leave our farm. Since we cannot control their environment when they leave we cannot offer further guarantee. Goats can become stressed when leaving one farm to go to another farm which can cause stress related illness or even death without the proper treatment. We will not be responsible for stress or illness after the animal leaves our farm.

Due to biosecurity reasons we may not have a goat re-enter back into our herd once it leaves our farm.  But I require the first right of refusal from the purchaser on Any goat/goats they have purchased in the past from Mercy's Edge Farm if they need to rehome  them (Meaning I have the option to buy any goat  back before it is sold to anyone else).

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