ADGA# 1810587P

Date of birth: 5-26-2016



DSC_0676 (1)

Dam's 2nd freshening udder

Grand Dam 2nd Freshening

Grand Dam's 1st freshening udder 

Photo courtesy of Christy McLam





Birch Ridge farm LVP Melvin



Grand Sire

Lost Valley C Proclaim*S

Grand Dam

Birch Ridge Farm GG Delilah


Great Grand Sire

Lost Valley TB Cairo +*S

Great Grand Dam

MCH/GCH Lost Valley CC Tatiana 4*D*M

Great Grand Sire

AGS Hill Country's KW Golden Ghost *S  

Great Grand Dam

AGS 5 Acre Farm WC Tuesday's Child

ARMCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo *S E

Goodwood Sisley *D VG

Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns *S

Lost Valley MR Say My Name 3*D

Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood *S

Hill Country's PS Boo! 3*D

Rosasharn's SS WaterColour *S

5 Acre Farm's Sweet November 2*D




Birch Ridge Farm Melody's Song


Grand Sire

Kids Corral PT Chernoble



Grand Dam

Birch Ridge Farm Unsung Melody

Great Grand Sire

Kids Corral Pat's Tenor

Great Grand Dam

Kids Corral CVF Maybelline

Great Grand Sire

AGS Bombahook Acres Triple Crown *S


Great Grand Dam

AGS Sugar Moon Arabella Godiva

Flat Rocks Crescendo

MCH Doe-Sy-Doe's Patches 2*D

Caesar's Villa TT Frankie

Kids Corral CR Thimble 

AGS TX Twincreeks Fantasia Island *B

AGS Bombahook Acres MF'S Afterglow *M

AGS Rosasharn CH Uproar +*S +*B VEE

Goats-and-Boats Jamaica Pepper 2*D